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"I herniated a disc Dec. 16, 2016 and was referred to Dr. Dubois in mid/late January (after trying several different things to avoid surgery). On a scale of 1-10 my pain level was a 12. It was debilitating and I was on some heavy meds just to cope with daily life. I couldn't lay down to sleep. I couldn't pick up my kids or hug them without massive pain. However, I am young and wanted to try anything to avoid surgery. I've never been much of a fan of a chiropractics, but was willing to try anything. I was skeptical. However, with his guidance - I have been mindful of my actions, am eating better, cut out alcohol, and listened to his advice - I have now been 100% pain free since May and was able to sleep laying down (normally) within a month of my first visit. He is honest and direct. If he can't do anything for you he will tell you. I am not going back on a weekly basis anymore...I am on a 3-4 month check-in cycle. And, I imagine, after we monitor my situation for a given time, and I continue to make improvements, then we will cut it out altogether. His goal is not to have you as a patient for the rest of your life. His staff are sweet ladies and the atmosphere is one of family. I'm a convert and a huge fan. Best part...I can hug and pick up my children without pain!"

- David D.

"Dr. DuBois received his chiropractic education in Switzerland, where chiropractic students are considered medical students and are required to obtain a six-year Bachelor of Medicine degree by completing all core medical classes in addition to their chiropractic specialty courses before entering the Masters of Chiropractic Medicine program. This exceptional training is evident in Dr. DuBois’ thorough medical understanding of the body and his knowledge of the ways to assess and alleviate pain and dysfunction. My husband and I have been fortunate recipients of his care for the last five years, and he has been essential to our coping with a variety of issues, from arthritic joints to scoliosis to occasional injuries. In addition to being a consummate professional in his approach, he is a careful listener, remembers our history, and is a very caring person. On two occasions when a problem has arisen he has worked us into his fully booked schedule with no hesitation. The staff are intelligent, kind and helpful, as well. This is a practice where you are cared about, not just a name on a patient list. We are very fortunate to have found this dedicated practitioner and wish that all of medical care was delivered with such wisdom and compassion!"

- Kathleen H.

"I was in constant pain that was interfering with my life and being a new mother. Dr. Dubois worked his magic and made me feel like a new person! He also gave me very simple exercises to help me prevent future back troubles. He and his staff are so friendly, encouraging, and professional. I am sad to have moved away but so thankful for my experience there."

- Ashley S.

"I have received wonderful care from Dr. Dubois and the treatments and exercises I was given have left me pain free. I am very grateful to him and feel his practice is unique and very valuable."

- Peg B.

"Very professional and friendly, both the Dr. and his staff. Very pleased with my treatment."

- David C.

"Prevent eye strain if you work in front of a computer all day. Take a break every 20 minutes and look at an object at least 20 feet away for 20 seconds."

- Pierre D.

"Before coming to Swiss Chiropractic Clinic I had been waking up in the night with back pain for a year. I was pretty skeptical about this pain ever going away, but my wife encouraged me to try Swiss Chiropractic. Amazingly, after only 3 weeks my pain was almost completely gone. It has been 3 months now, and I am sleeping better than I have in a year. All I did was the treatments with Dr. Dubois and the core strengthening exercises that were prescribed along with Swiss Chiropractic. I have to say I'm pretty amazed. And the staff is extremely friendly. This is a small family business and it is an amazingly warm and encouraging place to come. Plus with insurance it was only $9 per visit which is pretty unbelievable. Even full price it's only $55 a visit. Definitely worth checking out if you have chronic back pain or other kinds of joint pain."

- Brian C.

"Dr. DuBois is the best chiropractor I have ever had! He has helped me achieve and maintain back health and has helped me work through a number of sports related injuries. I would highly recommend his services!!"

- Paul C.

"I've dealt with spinal problems for over fifty years. I have been seen by neurologists at Mass General, and had a spinal fusion done by a spine surgeon who. despite dealing with many 'failed backs' (the consequences of other surgeons' mistakes) had some of the best success rates in the US. I've been in the care of other very good physicians, and one of them referred me to Dr. Dubois. None of the other physicians has been more thorough than Dr. Dubois in initial physical exam. What is perhaps most impressive is his ability accurately to predict the effects of this treatments. He is nonetheless a very modest person, utterly professional in his manner, yet also warm. His office staff is friendly and efficient."

- Cadmon E.

"I have seen Dr. DuBois for several back issues, over the years, and he has also treated my husband and our kids. Treatment with Dr. DuBois has been very effective, and less lengthy than treatment for some similar problems with another chiropractor some years ago.
He is very attentive, thorough, and knowledgeable. Although he has chosen to limit his practice to chiropractic care in this country, Dr. DuBois has an M.D. from his native land of Switzerland. Thus he brings a superior knowledge base to his current practice.

Dr. DuBois is very pleasant and patient, and his office staff are professional, accommodating, and very friendly.

I really could not ask for better care!"

- Jodie R.

"Dr. DuBois is wonderful. He listens and provides informed solutions. My wife and I have benefited from the experience and knowledge of Dr. DuBois. The office staff is great and we 45 minutes for the expertise of Dr. DuBois."

- Brian K.

"Dr. DuBois is very thorough and a very good listener. Because he has so much more knowledge of the body, he does not hesitate to send a patient to another specialist if he thinks it is appropriate. The staff is all very helpful. I wish I could clone him 500 times. He is the kind of medical Dr. we need more of."

- Thomas L.

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